Minichamps Honda GL 1000 K3 Yellow


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Minichamps schaalmodel 1/12 Honda GL 1000 K3 - 1975 - Yellow
Model reeds uitverkocht bij de fabrikant!

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Uiterst zeldzaam collectorsitem! Een diecast 1/12 schaalmodel van een icoon uit de motorgeschiedenis!
Het duitse Minichamps, maakte wereldfaam met zijn alom geprezen hoogwaardige miniaturen, en ontwierp een uiterst gedetailleerde weergave van de Honda Goldwing 1000, vervaardigd uit maar liefst 164 metalen- en kunststof onderdelen!

The first model was the GL 1000 and created furore in the year 1975: a motorcycle with one thousand cubic centimetre cubic capacity, a water cooled four cylinder boxer engine, 82 BHP (61 kW) and a cardan shaft drive has never existed before. The petrol tank of the GL 1000 is a dummy, which in fact houses electricity and a glove compartment - the actual petrol tank is positioned in front of the rear wheel. In continuous further variations and face lifts, the cubic capacity was increased. Later configuration variations were added, such as windscreen, complete panelling and standard suitcases up to the luxurious touring model Aspencade. After the end of the four cylinder series a follow up model went on sale up from 1988 on, namely the six cylinder boxer Honda GL 1500.

Characteristics: 164 Parts with 189 Decorations:

44 Mask sprays
16 Tampo prints
120 Free sprays
9 Chromed parts

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