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Minichamps schaalmodel 1/12 Kawasaki Z1 900 Super 4 - 1973 - Brown/Orange

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Uiterst zeldzaam collectorsitem! Een diecast 1/12 schaalmodel van een icoon uit de motorgeschiedenis!
Het Duitse Minichamps, maakte wereldfaam met zijn alom geprezen hoogwaardige miniaturen, en ontwierp een uiterst gedetailleerde weergave van deze Kawasaki Z 900, vervaardigd uit maar liefst 117 metalen- en kunststof onderdelen!

In spite of an internal agreement among the Japanese manufacturers to launch no motor bikes with a cubic capacity over 750 cc, in autumn 1972 Kawasaki presented surprisingly the 900 Z1 "Super 4" to the world public.
This was a powerful four-stroke bike with 82 hp @ 8500rpm. It had two above placed cam shafts and four carburettors and reached a maximum speed of 210 km/h, sensational in those days.
Therefore the bike was given the nickname "The New York Steak". According to the state of the art the 246 kg Kawa was equipped with a hydraulic disc brake at the front wheel; at the rear wheel a conservative drum brake was installed.
The four-in-four exhaust pipe stressed the powerful appearance of the Z1 with thunderous acoustics. The Kawasaki type 900 Z1 turned out to be a bestseller - not only owing to its outstanding performance and faultless optical characteristic, but also thanks to its favourable retail price of $1,900.
It became the undisputed star among the super bikes of the 70`s with 1,500 vehicles per month including the European markets.

Characteristics117 Parts with 66 Decorations:

43 Mask sprays
7 Tampo prints
6 Decals
10 Free sprays

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