Norev Honda CB750 Four 1969 Orange metallic 1/18


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Honda CB750 Four 1969
Kleur: Oranje Metallic
Schaal: 1/18
Fabrikant: Norev

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24,95 € incl. BTW

The Honda CB750 was launched in 1969. It started the new era of modern, mass-production motorcycles as we know them today : affordable, simple-to-use, high-performance, easy-to-maintain. The motorbike can now allow long-distance touring. Beyond that, the CB750 matched the performances of its European rivals, which were brilliant mechanicals but highly complex, elitist and difficult to maintain.

Here, the CB750 model is done in a metallic Orange/Yellow paint. As you can notice, chrome details are well displayed as on the real thing. Note also the 4 exhaust pipes that are coming out of the four-cylinder engine.

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